Africa’s Leading Financial Institution
Executive Summary:

No visibility into even the basic infrastructure or environmental monitoring information was available within their Wealth and Investment Management department. AppDynamics was bought in Q1 2018 by this Leading African Financial Institution. AppDynamics has automated smoke checks which previously used up precious and valuable time. AppDynamics has provided a view into what was causing slow transactions and impacting the systems.


The African Leading Financial Institution identified the following as challenges:

  • Failing uptime due to avoidable infrastructure failures such as hard drive storage full or systems offline
  • Group IT will only run a smoke test once a day (5 AM) to test for system availability and failures – no proactive or real-time monitoring
  • When users complained of system issues (Investment and Wealth), the Wealth and Investment department had minimal information to troubleshoot where the problem may be. This impacts the 5 second time SLA for the Investment Services.
  • Time to identify specific IIS working process consuming resources was too high and required the manual intervention of logging on to the server.

“Our users are reporting issues and our ability to pinpoint where the issue is often between Group Technology, Wealth & Investments services, and 3rd parties.”

How Product Helped:

  • Proactively detect production issues using advanced baselining and alert on deviation from code through to infrastructure. Dashboards have been created for a single pane of glass view.
  • Baseline all metrics (CPU, Memory, server, infrastructure, etc.) and then dynamically alert before SLA’s are breached.
  • • Extensible reporting and dashboarding for SLA management such as 5 second SLA on the Investment Department.

Positive Impact:

  • Quickly perform RCA – avoiding downtime and impacting availability, especially on the IIS applications.
  • The ability to quickly identify IIS working processes consuming resources through AppDynamics Machine snapshots.
  • Have a real-time view on the infrastructure, network, database, and user/system impacting issues.
Executive Summary:

When systems slow or are unavailable, Wealth and Investment customer advisors cannot service customers. AppDynamics has provided a view into slow or problematic business transactions and database calls, providing a quick MTTR.

  • 1,500 Wealth and Investment customer advisors need critical information for customers to quote and service Wealth and Investment customers who are the top 1% median wealth customers in South Africa.
  • Different channels (Online, Mobile, Sky Agent) are available to Wealth and Investment customers to interact with the Wealth & Investment department and can have a poor user experience across multiple channels.
  • When systems are slow, the Call Centre has a massive peak with inbound calls from customers, which affects customer satisfaction.

“One incident took over a week to resolve our mobile claims, which impacted many customers as they had to call in multiple times to fulfill their claim. We thought that it was the mobile app, but it was the backend that was the issue.”

How Product Helped:

  • Ease of use to get the solution up and running within a few days with mostly out of the box functionality to allow for a quick ROI.
  • To get visibility into the Integration layer to understand where improvements can be identified.

Positive Impact:

  • Understand how many users are impacted, where they are coming from, and why from a single pane of glass.
  • Understand response times from external applications that affect the Wealth and Investment department.