As enterprises adopt data-driven business models, their data becomes more lucrative for attackers to target. At the same time, as ransomware becomes increasingly sophisticated, more enterprises are opting to pay the ransom in the case of a breach than ever before. 

This is according to cloud data management security company Rubrik, which notes that in the face of these challenges, organisations are looking to adopt a holistic, multi-level ransomware response strategy that will allow them to resume critical business operations immediately following an attack, as well as avoid paying a ransom.

The Be Security Forward campaign from Rubrik is focused on its ransomware remediation through immutable backups, impact assessment and instant recovery. Rubrik helps customers increase their resiliency against ransomware by making it faster and easier to recover from an attack.

According to Rubrik:

  • The average time to identify and contain a data breach is 280 days.
  • The annual ransomware damages paid by companies globally will increase to US 20 billion by the end of 2021.
  • About 75% of companies affected by ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection.

So, if these are the problems, then where do the solutions lie?

Rubrik’s solutions make it faster and easier to recover from a ransomware attack. Its uniquely immutable file system natively prevents unauthorised deletion of backups. When an attack occurs, Rubrik provides granular assessments of the scope of damage, one-click restores to the most recent clean state, and alerts to unusual behaviour using machine learning.

The value proposition is as follows:

Instant recovery: Rubrik tackles the challenge of requiring a lengthy period of time to restore the system and offers the restoration of affected files to the most recent clean versions, with just one click.

Native immutability: Immutable infrastructure means infrastructure with components that are designed to be destroyed and replaced with new versions whenever a change is necessary. This makes immutable infrastructure different from conventional deployment technologies, in which components were typically updated while they were still running, rather than being redeployed whenever a change takes place. Ransomware targets vulnerable backups by encrypting or deleting them. Rubrik’s solution lies in native immutability, which ensures that backups can’t be compromised by ransomware.

Impact visibility: Rubrik tackles the challenge of a lack of visibility into the scope of the damage and the issue of what sensitive data was exposed during the attack, by offering automated, granular data visualisations of the attack’s impact to quick identify affected files.

Claude Oosthuizen, Chief Sales Officer at VNQ Systems, which resells Rubrik throughout South Africa, says: “Rubrik allows you to understand who is accessing your files, and recover once again to a known good state. An immutable architecture allows you to prevent ransomware from every accessing or encrypting your backups, while Rubrik additionally allows you to minimise your downtime after a cyber attack with instant recovery and targeted impact analysis, as well as reducing the exposure of your sensitive data.”


Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management Company, enables enterprises to maximise value from data that is increasingly fragmented across data centres and the cloud. Rubrik delivers a single, policy-driven platform for data recovery, governance, compliance, and cloud mobility. For more information, visit and follow @rubrikInc on Twitter.

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