In the healthcare sector, service to patients is often characterized with urgency, where a timely, safe, and organized service makes a big difference. Our comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions incorporate an advanced Patient Visit Management (PVM) system that radically transforms the patient experience while improving the overall performance in healthcare environments.
Patients on the go can browse available medical services and book an appointment with their preferred doctor via mobile application, web or a self-service kiosk. Walk-in patients can check in through our Self Service Kiosks, whereas pre-registered patients simply swipe their health card or enter their patient or phone number to get a ticket.

Why CEM from SEDCO?

 Why CEM from SEDCO?

Privacy: Our system protects the privacy of patients, as they are identified and called by numbers instead of names, which keeps them comfortable.
Alerts and reminders: Whether patients are sitting in the waiting area, cafeteria, or restroom, SMS alerts are sent to them informing them to go to the reception counter or doctor’s room or any other medical facility.
Self services: Our Self Service Kiosks enable patients to do many things by themselves thus reducing the load on your staff. They can create, modify, and cancel their appointments, they can view and print their medical reports and prescriptions, and they can even pay by card or cash.
Medication dispensing: For certain medications, the service kiosk can include a vending mechanism to dispense medicine.

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