A strong alignment with Networks Unlimited Africa has placed VNQ Systems, a leading South African customer experience, performance and availability management company, squarely in the mainstream enterprise solutions arena with all the big service providers.

This is according to CEO Simon Ndukuya, who says, “Choosing the right partners to do business with is crucial in any organisation. As such, Virtual and Networks Quality Systems, or VNQ Systems for short, chose to work with strategic partners who share similar values. We believe in providing a great customer experience through the use of best-of-breed digital technology, coupled with a first-rate human touch. Further, we ensure that we have dynamic working relationships with every single OEM whose products and solutions we take to the African market. VNQ Systems also brought about an inherent expansion of our skills and capabilities in both the public and private sectors through its new technology reach.

“As a value-added distributor of a leading suite of solutions, Networks Unlimited opens doors to a number of key players in our offering, enabling us to deliver products and solutions of the highest quality. Our mantra is ‘If you can’t measure IT, you can’t improve IT’, and we strive to be able to provide our clients with a tangible and measurable value proposition.”

Risna Steenkamp, GM: ESM division at Networks Unlimited, adds, “One of the key focus areas for Networks Unlimited is providing all the support needed for our African systems integrators and resellers to reach greater heights. VNQ Systems is a Networks Unlimited strategic partner for Rubrik, as well as a few other brands in our suite. VNQ Systems has enjoyed a close working relationship with us, and our sales and service alignment created a natural pathway for us to assist the organisation in its Rubrik partnership journey.”

Ndukuya explains, “Our alignment with cloud data management company Rubrik has allowed us to assist our customers in solving their pain points. For example, Rubrik simplifies, modernises and automates backup and recovery, thereby tackling issues of complexity; deals with slow backups and restores issues by delivering a near-zero recovery time; and offers sterling security through its immutable and encrypted data.

“Further, Rubrik has a cloud native DNA and, as regards costs, is able to reduce TCO by between 30 and 50 percent. Its user-friendly functionality allows IT management, in just a few clicks, to set backup, replication and archival policies through an SLA policy engine. Finally, Rubrik can scale up to thousands of nodes.”

“It was a win-win for Networks Unlimited to assist with the Rubrik/VNQ partnership,” clarifies Steenkamp, “as we are able to help them expand their backup and recovery offering. Rubrik is 100 percent channel-committed, and its rapid global growth underscores the excellent market opportunities it brings. The overall result has been a deepening of client interactions and a strengthened offering to the customer.”

“As an innovator, VNQ Systems is always looking to introduce new digital technology solutions into our portfolio stack within the arenas of application performance monitoring, network performance solutions, network optimisation, smart intelligence, cybersecurity, and customer experience management.

“The overall result of our partnerships with Networks Unlimited and Rubrik is a deepening of client interactions and a strengthened offering to the customer – resulting in the biggest Rubrik client locally signing with VNQ Systems recently. The excellent backup and support from Networks Unlimited and Rubrik together have enabled VNQ to add significant value to our clients,” concludes Ndukuya.


About VNQ Systems

V and N Q Systems (Virtual and Networks Quality Systems), commonly known as VNQ Systems, is a leading Customer Experience, Performance, and Availability Management company in South Africa. VNQ Systems is officially certified as the Exclusive Supplier of the SEDCO Customer Experience solutions for the Public Sector in South Africa. We are also strategic partners for App Dynamics, Netscout, NS1 and Sev1.

Our strong alignment with our core distributor Networks Unlimited has placed V and NQ systems squarely in the mainstream enterprise solutions arena with all of the big service providers.



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