The Modern Foundation Powering Exceptional Application Experiences.

They reinvented DNS and are now making the entire application traffic stack smarter, more secure, more efficient, and more interesting to manage.
NS1’s DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions help you build modern foundational infrastructures to power exceptional application experiences, so we can all continue connecting, innovating, informing, educating, and moving the world forward.

NS1 is Revolutionizing How Applications and Infrastructure Are Deployed and Optimized.

They reinvented DNS and are now making the entire application traffic stack smarter, more secure, more efficient, and more interesting to manage.


Every organization has a unique set of applications that run critical functions using the diverse and dynamic infrastructure.

Some apps are built in-house, some are licensed. No matter what, optimizing application traffic and its infrastructure directly impacts revenue, profitability, and brand value. NS1’s mission is to manage the world’s application traffic, one happy client, at a time. We help our clients deliver flawless application experiences, protect users against threats, and efficiently build, deploy and manage applications and the infrastructure that powers them.


We are honored that the most recognized names and trusted brands use NS1 in their critical path. We simplify their complex infrastructure. Unify their disconnected environments. Give their teams the control they need to multiply the entire technology organization’s efforts. Our clients tell us that we are the reason that they can innovate. Their employees are happier using modern tech.


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Why NS1 ?

Redundant & Secondary DNS

Multiple options to achieve DNS resiliency.

Global Server Load Balancing

Global load balancing for modern enterprise infrastructure: Multi-Vendor, Multi-Cloud.



DevOps Automation

Automatically provision infrastructure and applications using code instead of manual processes or ad hoc scripts



DNS Security

Easily deploy proven strategies like redundancy and DNSSEC without giving up automation or traffic management capabilities.




Optimize traffic to multiple CDNs, data centers, and cloud providers for cost, performance, or both.



Application Performance

Fine-tune application performance for every percentile of traffic, everywhere.



Multi-Cloud Orchestration

Multi-cloud is a strategy for organizations seeking to prevent vendor lock-in, improve performance, reliability, and reduce costs



IPAM Reloaded

Traditional IPAM has not evolved to support modern application models. How can you manage large scale networks while supporting high performance and automation?



Service Discovery

Optimize traffic to multiple CDNs, Data Centers, and Cloud Providers for cost, performance, or both.



Disaster Recovery

DNS can be your most effective way to fail over in case of disaster.

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