Why CEM from SEDCO?

Managing the Crowd in Busy Retail Environment

Customer experience plays a major role in customer retention and the acquisition of new customers. Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions help you deliver an exceptional customer experience over the whole customer journey, in-store and out. Our CEM solutions convert your retail business and enable you to better serve your customers, turning occasional customers into recurring happy customers.

Why CEM from SEDCO?

 Why CEM from SEDCO?

Keep in touch with your customers via our Mobile App: Your customers can view the nearest stores to them on a map and navigate to the selected store. You can also promote your latest offerings through the app and get customers’ opinions and feedback.
Smart queuing system: It manages the crowds at checkout points and provides a fair dispatching of customers to checkout counters. Instead of waiting in multiple queues, customers queue in one or multiple snake lines and the system dispatches them one-by-one to the next available counter. Standard queuing can also be used if needed in certain departments where customers need to wait before they are called for service. They can get a ticket and continue shopping, and an SMS message or notification through the mobile app is sent to their mobiles them once their turn is about to come.
Self-checkout: Customers can use our Self Service Kiosks for self-checkout, and to order and pay for products. Your team is then notified to prepare the order and call the customers to collect the products. This better optimizes your processes and relieves your staff from handling payments and cash.
Self Service Shops: Our smart shop provides maximum automation by dispensing the products to customers without any human intervention.

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