We advise clients on potential best-fit cloud providers based on costs, preferences, workloads, and client needs.

Cloud Management


Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. Large clouds often have functions distributed over multiple locations, each location being a data center. (Ref Wikipedia)

Cloud Management

The COVID pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption across all types of businesses and supply chains, meaning that if your business cannot move at the same speed and be a contributing part of that B2B or B2C ecosystem, you will be left behind.

The Cloud options in the market are endless, and making the right decision with the right fit partner becomes a challenge in itself. For example, finding a digital transformation specialist and experienced cloud partner that can understand your business and identify with you what critical workloads or business services could or should be moved to the cloud, with a demonstratable and tangible ROI business case.

We have over 120 certified and project-experienced cloud consultants and specialists in SA that work with you to plan your move to the cloud from the initial discussion of why move to the cloud to and including a fully managed service.

As cloud specialists, we work with AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, Encha Cloud, and others. We advise clients on potential best-fit cloud providers based on costs, preferences, workloads, and client needs.

Effortlessly Migrate and Manage Your Microsoft Cloud and Azure Services

Our IaaS offerings include everything from Compute, Storage, to Networking resources—all on a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go basis. With VNQ Systems, gain the agility to adapt and the capability to thrive.

Maintaining an on-premises data center can be costly, time-consuming, and restricts your company’s ability to scale efficiently.

Struggling with Expensive and Outdated On-Premises Infrastructure?

The burden of maintaining on-premises data centers is sapping your resources and distracting from your main business objectives. Escalating hardware costs and old technology slow down your progress.

Need More Flexibility and Reach in Your IT Setup?

Your business is growing, and you need an IT infrastructure that grows with it. Don’t let a rigid system hold you back from seizing market opportunities.”

Top Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud with VNQ

      • Scalability: Scale resources to match your business demands effortlessly.
      • Cost-Effectiveness: Avoid large capital expenditures and pay for what you use.
      • Convenience & Accessibility: Access your systems anywhere, providing flexibility and freedom.
      • Reliability: Depend on us for consistent uptime and operational continuity.

Comprehensive Microsoft Cloud and Azure Services

VNQ Systems stands by you from setup to continuous improvement, covering everything from Microsoft 365 setups to Azure Active Directory, and robust security solutions. We ensure your IT environment is secure, compliant, and efficient.

Core Onboarding

We provide a remote or on-site onboarding process
Involves services provisioning and Identity integration.
Steps for providing foundation services like, Microsoft Teams, Exchange online etc.


Network Health

We provide remote or on-site guidance on interpreting key network connectivity data from your environment.
Microsoft 365 Admin Centre access.
Up-to-date versions of Microsoft 365 apps checks
Location services enabled as per Network performance recommendations in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre .


Security and Compliance

We provide security solutions to Microsoft and Azure Services

      • Azure Active Directory – Configuring and enabling strong authentication for your identities, including protecting with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (cloud only), the Microsoft Authenticator app, and combined registration for Azure MFA and self-service password reset (SSPR).
      • Microsoft Defender for 365 – Safeguards your organization against malicious threats posed by email messages
      • Microsoft Defender for Cloud apps
      • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Cloud products

      • Office 365 for both Business and Education
      • Exchange online plans
      • Outlook for IOS and Android
      • Sharepoint Online
      • One Drive for Business
      • PowerBi
      • Project Online
      • Microsoft Teams
      • Microsoft Additional Services

We provide Remote or On-site assistance on the below

      • Installations and Configurations
      • Guide you through the process to get your organization ready to use email.
      • Microsoft Licensing
      • Troubleshooting issues
      • Assigning Licenses to users
      • Guide you through adding domains

Microsoft Azure Services

  • We provide Deployments and Support for Azure services
      • Azure Virtual Machines
      • Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
      • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
      • Create Microsoft Sentinel
      • Create Virtual Networks
      • Create App Services
      • Default Gateway
      • Load balancer
      • Create Storages accounts
      • Create Azure Backup
      • Disaster Recovery
      • Azure SQL Database
      • Azure SQL on Virtual Machine etc.

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