Our Solution delivers instant application availability to hybrid cloud enterprises 

Data Management

Our Solution delivers instant application availability to hybrid cloud enterprises for backup, recovery, search, cloud, & development. It delivers instant recoveries, hands-free management, automated workflows, easy cloud adoption, & money saved. Legacy to new-age. On-prem to cloud.

Data Management

Your data is critical. Are you prepared to bounce back from a cyberattack?

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Despite large investments in infrastructure security tools, bad actors are finding their way through to the data. And they know legacy backup tools are vulnerable, so they are increasingly targeting backup data

Make your organization cyber resilient

Cyber resilience enables organizations to:

    • Keep all your data safe and available
    • Spot data risks and threats sooner
    • Recover your data quickly, securely and confidently

We offer complete cyber resilience for your data across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS.

We know you depend on Microsoft 365 to keep your organization going. When your Microsoft 365 is down, so is your entire organization.

Unfortunately, bad actors realize the value of the data companies store in Microsoft 365 and are successfully attacking it every day. To make matters worse, data protection is not covered by Microsoft in its shared responsibility model—which some companies may not realize. All responsibility for the data you create and store in Microsoft 365 is yours.

 Our solution empowers you by providing data protection for all of your data in Microsoft 365, keeping it secure and your business up and running.

Our Microsoft 365 data protection tool helps you

    • Manage everything through a single SaaS platform
    • Locate data easily with real-time global search
    • Add new users and schedule jobs while streamlining policy management across thousands of users
    • Protect your valuable data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Don’t let ransomware burst your bubble



Multi-factor authentication restricts unauthorized users.


Point-in-time snapshots initiate bulk recovery easily.


Worry-free offsite cloud archival is on a single, unified platform.

Malicious actors can use Microsoft 365 apps as a tunnel into your larger network. Read our new eBook to learn how you can protect your data and your organization.

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