Smart Solutions

A smart solution is a general term for systems combining innovative technologies in hardware (Internet of Things) and software.

They are widely applied in many life fields– from smart offices and cars and finishing in cities. This comprehensive application range is obtained by employing various sensors

Smart Solutions

Somewhat of a cliché, SMART is fast becoming what IT people refer to as new technology; SMART has to be open, flexible, intuitive, learning, cognitive, consumption-based, and available as a hybrid model.

VNQ has acknowledged that as a business, we have to be in the SMART world and, as such, continue to explore new tech that fits not only what’s trending but that also fits our skillset, capability, and strategy for the future. Explore some of the current capabilities within our growing portfolio:

Goods and Asset Tracking

VNQ uses industry-recognized portable, wireless, battery-operated BLE/Wi-fi/GSM hotspot for indoor, outdoor, and in-transit monitoring.

Gone are the days of spending hours on the phone with transporters and sending dozens of emails just to find out what the location of your cargo is. The power of IoT devices and digital twins allows you to be with your shipment from when it leaves its origin to when it arrives at its destination. This brings real-time visibility to your supply chain and logistics challenges.

This solution enables your company to monitor goods and assets while providing real-time intelligence to drive operational efficiency, reduce losses and increase profitability.

Our devices are fixed onto your assets and alert you based on parameters set by you, such as;

    • RRoute Deviations
    • RLocation
    • RTemperature deviations
    • RShock to cargo,
    • RTamper
    • RTilt

    Fortunately, there are no sensors to purchase or manage; you only pay for what you monitor.

    We are currently involved in a project to track the location and monitor temperature excursions for a Pharmaceutical client of Bollore Africa Logistics Mozambique


      Environmental Monitoring Solution

      We design and manufacture all the tools needed to enable sustainable smart buildings, and sensors-controllers-cloud, in one unified stack.

      We are using the power of IoT & AI to make smart building technology accessible & affordable to everyone across the globe. We have created one of the most comprehensive Smart Building IoT Edge + AI product stacks to increase energy efficiency, operational efficiency, staff productivity, and occupant experience. We are saving the world….one building at a time!

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