South African Multinational Telecommunications Company
Executive Summary:
The SA Multinational Telco decided in 2019 to purchase AppDynamics for two of their African countries, with VNQ responsible for the South African portion. AppDynamics was deployed into their environment, and the following critical business applications were instrumented for APM:

  • Order Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Rica

Metrics that proved success:

  • Slow and Error transaction rates
  • Response Times
  • Availability/Uptime
  • DB wait state
  • DB query time
  • The Telco Team identified an issue with determining Root Cause on Application and Database issues; there was a requirement to “reduce MTTR of service affecting incidents by 10%.”

    Before this, the South African Multinational Telco was not utilizing any effective APM solution and had no visibility into the transactions between their various applications.

    One of their stated goals was to “proactively monitor the health of system components that will impact the services provided by the Telco.”

How Product Helped:

The Telco selected AppDynamics during an AppDynamics-led POV as the best-fit APM tool. The solution was implemented across their application estate over 3 months, and Value Realization against known VRI’s was proven soon after:

  • Reduced the MTTR of service affecting incidents by 10% in a business critical Telecoms application one month after project closure

An additional value case was also realized within a month of project closure:

  • Reduction in DB response time – AppDynamics detected long-running queries on a clients Production Database due to a Stored Procedure that required optimization. The identified issue was communicated to their Database team and resulted in an 80% response time reduction which was immediately visible on an AppDynamics dashboard in their command center. This led to an improvement in the overall response time of a priority Application that was reliant upon that Database.
Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

AppDynamics provided much-needed visibility into the Application layer, enabling quicker MTTR and RCA: Dev teams could quickly drill down into long-running transactions, identify code or application issues and escalate to the necessary team for remediation.

In terms of ROI: Reducing MTTR and proving a new way to perform RCA AppDynamics reduced the time technical teams spent trying to identify issues affecting performance.

Future Plans: The Multinational Telco has a drive to take AppDynamics even further by utilizing End-User monitoring on their customer-facing sites and instrumenting the User Journeys required for customers to apply for cellphones and SIM cards. Additionally, there are plans to utilize Transactions Analytics within AppDynamics to correlate Application issues with the impact on Revenue