Uplogix is the Most Evolved Out-of-Band Solution

Uplogix was founded on the observation that the problem with network management is that it relied on the network itself to operate.
To really manage network infrastructure, you need to operate from an out-of-band perspective—and more than just as a remote secondary connection to devices. For Uplogix, evolving out-of-band means monitoring devices and taking actions directly over the console port, like an onsite technician plugging in a laptop. We go far beyond traditional “dumb” console servers that sit plugged in and waiting to be useful should there be a crisis.
The Uplogix is an automated network management platform designed to monitor and execute initial recovery actions typically performed by network technicians. Uplogix utilizes console port connections to reduce dependence on the network itself to retrieve state and performance information as well as reliably execute predefined tasks.
We’re turning traditional out-of-band management inside out by deploying intelligent monitoring and automation to where network devices are to improve security, performance and availability. It’s like having a virtual onsite technician.

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