With the expansion of the customer base in utility companies, it becomes critical to offer an exceptional customer experience in order to ensure that customers are happy and drive business growth.
SEDCO’s comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions place the customers at the heart of operations. The systems help utilities create valuable and lasting relationships with their customers, by handling the customer experiences across all possible touchpoints.

Why CEM from SEDCO?

 Why CEM from SEDCO?

Multi-channels of interaction with your utility: This includes a Mobile Application, Self Service Machines, and web, allowing your customers to perform transactions and get services at their own convenience, such as new registration, bill payment (in cash/ by card), transfer of ownership, inquiries and complaints, and others.
Personalization: It is possible to identify customers upon check-in, in order to offer them a personalized and prioritized service.
Multi-feedback channels: This includes in-branch feedback panels, and feedback via Mobile App, allowing customers to give feedback even after leaving the branch.
Whether you are an electricity, water, or gas company, or any other type of utilities, SEDCO provides you with comprehensive CEM solutions, all geared towards delivering a convenient customer journey while differentiating your business.

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